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CDrom drive not found PDF Print E-mail
Written by William Villanueva   
Tuesday, 24 October 2006
Recently installed Windows XP on a couple of Blue notebook PC (model M616).

Since the notebook was delivered first before the OS, we tried to install the recently released Mandriva 2007 on the unit. We divided the 80gb hard disk into 4 partitions, allocating 20gb for Windows, 40gib for data files, the rest for the swap partition and for the linux install.

The install went smoothly until the system was rebooted and it could not see the cdrom drive.

The drive was installed in /etc/fstab as well as /dev/sr0 but when one tries to mount a cd using:

mount -t iso9660 /dev/sr0 /mnt/cdrom

Linux complains that: mount /dev/sr0 is not a valid block device.

After going over the internet and looking for answers, running modprobe ide-scsi and rebooting the unit seems to have fixed the problem.

The following day, we got to install the Window XP on the same unit using the first earmarked partition. Again the install went smoothly until the reboot. Going into My Computer, one can only see the first 2 drives but the cdrom drive is missing.

Suggested solutions from the internet points to a wrong driver being installed and to edit the registry. But since there is no registry key found nor the suggested drivers to be removed, the given solutions does not apply.

Finally thought to give the bios a reset and when Windows XP was restarted, the cdrom drive is now ok.

When we were going to install the OS, we set the bios to boot from the cdrom drive. For the installations, we've done leaving the bios to boot cdrom as the first device and it does not have any problems.

Apparently, doing that for this unit caused the problem.

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