Friday, 13 December 2019
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  • Scott Wesley Brown  ( 21 items )

    According to the Scott Wesley Brown website, "Scott Wesley Brown is a veteran Christian artist whose career spans over two decades". Unlike other contemporary christian musicians however, I believe he is not focused on popularity but on bringing the message of the Gospel to the world, specially to those in Africa.

    Scott Wesley Brown has recorded 21 albums! But while searching the internet for those songs and lyrics is like finding needles in a haystack. I wonder why. But I could say is that compared to most CCM, his songs tells about the Good News and the Salvation through Jesus Christ, which you can hardly say for a lot of contemporary christian music today. I had the opportunity to see and hear him when he came to the Philippines for a concert years ago. I was able to get his autograph on the cassette cover of Somebody's Brothers. I treasure this cassette not because of the autograph but because still haven't been able to find most of the songs in that album in any of the CDs that came out locally. Among these is the favorite of my wife, The Red Sea Parted.

    My collection of SWB albums:

    All My Best
    Kingdom Of Love
    Somebodys Brothers
    To The Ends Of The Earth

    All My Best/ Language Of Love
    Out Of Africa
    More Like You
    The Scott Wesley Brown Collection (35 Favorite Songs on double CD)

  • Steve Green  ( 1 items )
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